Frequently Asked Questions - Oven Cleaning

On this page you will find a list of the most common questions and answers about oven cleaning services, what we offer, what we can do, and why you should choose Best Oven Cleaning to clean your ovens.

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General questions
Our customers like our service because we use low-odour, biodegradable, water based cleaning products, that not only are safe for the environment, but safe for people who may suffer from asthma.
As a general guide, it usually takes a couple of hours to clean a cooker. A large appliance, such as a range or aga is likely to take around three hours approximately, and also the time it takes to clean an oven will also depend on how dirty your oven is. At Best Oven Cleaning we believe in quality rather than quantity, so we will always aim to provide that kind of service for you.
Charges & Prices
We have set prices and our costs are fully inclusive. There are no hidden extras such as travelling costs or VAT. We will always make you aware of the charge for your particular oven clean right before we start, and once agreed, the price remains as such.
Need to know more
All removable fittings such as stainless steel racks and rings are taken out of the oven or cooker or off of the hob and safely cleaned and soaked in our van-based tanks. Whilst these are being degreased, the remainder of the oven or cooker is cleaned by hand using specially formulated, low odour, water based cleaning products. Grease and burnt-on carbon is removed from interior surfaces with care. Once these are all cleaned the removable items are returned to the oven, and finally the exterior is degreased, cleaned and left shining, and ready for immediate use.
For an additional small charge, we can supply and refit new filters for your extractor hood. Please let us know in advance so we may order the parts (although most common parts are carried by us) we would not want to let you down.
Yes we can. We carry a range of oven and extractor bulbs in our van. We'll have a look for you when we clean the oven, and if a bulb needs replacing, we can do this for a small fee.
No we do not cover any repairs to any ovens, however, we do have contacts who we may be able to recommend for you.
There is no hard and fast rule about how often you should have an oven cleaned. We generally recommend about twice a year, but this really does depend on how often the oven is used and what is cooked in it. An oven that is regularly used to cook fatty meats will need more regular visits than an oven that is perhaps used once a week to warm through 'ready meals'. Many clients use the Best Oven Cleaning service twice a year but this is by no means 'standard'. We will be there when you need us again and we will write to you once or twice a year to remind you of the date of our last visit.
It's a dirty job, so why do it yourself when Best Oven Cleaning can take care of it for you. Cleaning your oven is a chore, but it is a necessary one. We ensure that your oven is clear of any food spills and splashes that can cause smoke and even set off the fire alarm. An accumulation of grease in extractors are known to be a fire hazard. Lingering food spills will also taint other meals being cooked in your ovens. Also, unlike the proprietory products that you can buy from supermarkets, we use all Non-Toxic materials and cleaning agents, so with us cleaning your oven for you, this leaves you free to enjoy your leisure time doing what you would rather do.